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We are a passionate start-up business that focuses on roasting small batches of coffee beans to order for the ultimate in freshness. Our freshly roasted, single origin beans and crafted blends give bold tastes to start your day right. Our goal is to provide our loyal friends with an unforgettable coffee experience that they can share with their family and friends!

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Blueberry Crumble Brazil Cerrado Breakfast Blend Cannoli Crazy Cinnamon Bun

Medium Roast Collection

The Fuzion Coffee Company offers freshly roasted to order coffees that include Dark, Medium, and Light Roasts, as well as, Flavored, Single Origin, and Custom Blends!

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Tried a bag of the Costa Rican which was recommended by owner and I am sooo glad I did! Incredible flavor, insanely fresh, and perfect balance. Got my coffee in a custom box with a hand written note which was an awesome touch! Highly recommend!!!

Matt K.

There’s nothing like having a nice cup of espresso at the end of a good dinner at your favorite restaurant. Fusion espresso is as good the best espresso you’ve ever had. Strong and smooth, a great taste.

Jack M.

This is now my favorite at home dark roast coffee and highly recommend you give it a try. It tastes amazing using the Keurig k-cups, which I have never had success with. I look forward to my morning coffee boost and love LOVE this dark roast blend. Thank you Fuzion Coffee Co!


My husband LOVES this for his espresso and also uses this for his morning coffee. He likes his coffee bold and said these beans are perfect. Very smooth taste. Will definitely be ordering again

Chris M.

Awesome flavor and soo smooth. Great way to start the day.

Chris S.

One of my favorites. Great flavor and the perfect way to start the day!

Mike M.

Really great and full body for a medium roast. The peaberry really brings a different dimension.

Mike M.