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Choosing the correct wholesale coffee supplier is crucial, regardless of whether you run a small business and buy coffee in bulk to save money for the office or a café that consumes hundreds of pounds of coffee beans every week. In addition to offering the greatest wholesale coffee solution, Fuzion Coffee Company also creates a customized plan to meet your unique coffee requirements.


There is a fine balance to be struck between the cost and the quality of the product when it comes to wholesale coffee bean prices. On the one hand, you want to buy the highest caliber coffee possible for your particular requirements. However, you also need to purchase items that fit within your budget and are reasonable.
Fuzion Coffee Company offers a customizable price structure based on your company's demands. Our primary goal as a specialty wholesale coffee roaster is the bean's quality. Given that coffee beans are a traded commodity, their price is continually fluctuating. For this reason, we can encourage signing a contract to lock in the lowest price.


Before departing our roastery, every bean that arrives is put through a rigorous roasting process and given a taste test. We offer sustainable, fair trade, and organic coffee options, and we only buy the freshest crop of coffee produced. We are sure we can help you get there, depending on the roast and desired flavor profile. Finally, because our coffee is roasted to order, you can be sure that it will be freshly roasted just for you.


Orders for wholesale coffee beans are currently placed through our online portal, which enables users to modify quantities, shipping options, frequency of delivery, and coffee bean preferences. It can also be necessary for you to sign a contract, depending on how big your wholesale account is. After all, we require our wholesale clients to do the same if we are entering into a contract to guarantee your year supply of Arabica beans!


Fuzion Coffee Company offers free shipping and/or delivery on all orders! In order to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, we work nonstop. The order size will determine how long it takes to arrive, which might be anything from three to five business days.

*During Holiday seasons, delivery times may be longer with USPS and UPS delays.


Bulk Coffee

Bulk Coffee Beans

Most companies that buy coffee beans in bulk are aware of how crucial it is to grind the beans just before making coffee. Given that coffee loses 70% of its flavor within 15 minutes of grinding, this helps guarantee you are getting the highest possible level of freshness. Strange, huh?
After 15 minutes, 70% of the flavor of coffee is lost.
Not only will the coffee taste better when you purchase it in bulk, but it will keep for a lot longer. Oxidization, or the interaction of your priceless coffee with oxygen, is the cause of coffee going bad and turning rancid. The coffee consequently begins to lose its flavor and become stale.

Bulk Ground Coffee

Don't be put off if you read the brief explanation regarding oxidation and bean freshness above! While purchasing specialty coffee beans is preferable, if that's your only option, there's nothing wrong with purchasing ground coffee in bulk. The typical coffee consumer finds it difficult to distinguish between freshly ground coffee and somewhat older pre-ground coffee.
We now provide equipment placement and training if you are in the business of giving customers the greatest coffee experience possible, particularly if you operate a coffee shop. For a simple pour and brew process, we also provide pre-measured, ground coffee packs in 2 and 3 ounce sizes! Your roasted coffee will be fresh because we roast to order.

Bulk Retail Bags

We also offer our 12 oz. retail bags because some of our clients want to resale our coffee bags at their restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, or other establishments. To maintain freshness, each bag is heat sealed, has a degassing value, and a zip lock. Depending on your demands, we can provide these as ground or whole beans.