Coffee Addiction

10 Signs You're A Coffee Addict

When you're in love with your morning cup of coffee, there are certain signs that point to the fact that you're what people call a coffee addict – even if you can’t admit it yourself yet. Here are ten telltale signs that might mean you need to step back from your caffeine fix and take a look at your relationship with coffee – and how it affects your day-to-day life.  Fuzion Coffee Company

1) You check your coffee cabinet before you go grocery shopping
Do you look for coffee first thing when you get to your apartment? If so, then it’s pretty likely that you have a bit of a coffee addiction. It’s natural to develop habits around your favorite beverages—especially if they’re as delicious as our French Roast! Still, excessive consumption of coffee can have some unpleasant side effects.

2) If you don't have fresh coffee at home, you get uncomfortable
Luckily, Fuzion Coffee Company offers a wide array of Single Origin, Flavored, and Fair Trade Organic, Freshly Roasted To Order Coffee From Around The World!

3) When you have tried all the grocery store coffee and Finally try Fuzion Coffee
There's nothing like finding a coffee that suits your taste buds perfectly. After you find it, you're always on the lookout for it and buy only that brand. Never buy old coffee again, but freshly roasted Fuzion Coffee today!

4) You start to develop brand loyalty early on
No matter where you go in life, you always seem to come back to a certain type of coffee. You can never imagine yourself drinking a different brand of coffee, and if someone offers it to you, chances are you won’t even bother trying it. If any of these signs sound familiar, there’s a good chance that you’re an addict. In fact, many people can relate to them because they themselves have been addicted at one point or another.

5) Don't even think about using K-cups!
Ever since single-cup coffee brewers like Keurig were introduced, K-cups have become immensely popular. But there’s one big problem: they’re not exactly environmentally friendly. According to Mike Fahey of eWaste 360, K-cups produce even more solid waste than aluminum cans—and it takes years for them to decompose in landfills.

6) When friends come over you always offer them freshly brewed Fuzion Coffee.
While your friends may have been to your place a few times already, you know they’ll never turn down a fresh cup of coffee, no matter how many times they’ve stopped by. They’re too good of friends for that.

7) Not just any drip coffee will do. It has to be handcrafted barista quality.
If you’re a true coffee addict, you likely don’t just drink whatever is convenient. No, for your morning cup of caffeine, you need something fresh and flavorful. And we don’t mean canned or instant—you want freshly ground beans and freshly brewed drip coffee. It helps if it’s organic as well as fresh.

8) Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of other people's cups of coffee. But not because they are friends... its because you #wantthatcup so bad!
If you can’t seem to muster enough motivation to do anything productive after a good cup of coffee, you might be an addict. Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of other people's cups of coffee.

9) Coffee is not always available where you are so when there is no option but instant you settle for it until something better comes along.
Being a true coffee addict means that even when you have to drink instant coffee, you can’t help but be disappointed. Even if your life depended on it, there is no way you would be able to settle for instant coffee over freshly roasted beans ground with cream and sugar.

10) If asked what your dream vacation would be, your answer is COFFEE! (with lots of pictures...)
C’mon now, do you really need us to spell it out for you? If that wasn’t enough, here are 10 signs that you’re a real coffee addict: 1. When your significant other asks if you want some coffee and you say yes without asking what they mean (how fresh is it?) 2. While in line at Starbucks, when someone says something remotely negative about their favorite roaster and your first reaction is: Don't hate the player—hate the game. 3.

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